Monday, 4 August 2008

Edouard 1.3

The National Hurricane Center has the sustained winds at 60MPH 10PM CST.

Never made it to the store. I got to reading Atlas Shrugged, and I do not know where everybody else went. I am squared away and did not really need to go. It is quiet at the moment.

I did get to thinking. I have water, but water by itself is plain. I have tea on hand, but without the ice it would just be hot tea. Hot tea and summer do not mix together in my opinion. I am going to stock up on some powdered Gatorade, Tang, and Koolaid type stuff. Those items would break the monotony of drinking just plain water 24/7.

God Bless That Ship

God Bless That Ship
Introducing The USS New York - Made From Steel From The Towers Of 9/11
By Pilgrim on August 3, 2008 at 12:04 pm

I wanted to throw out some good news. The article is linked to the USS New York built from the steel of the Twin Towers. She is a new class of fighting ship.

God Bless her, and I hope she kicks some serious ass.

Edouard 1.2

Edouard 1.2
It is still headed my way.

Going to make a run to the store tonight with the family. They need a few things, and I am going to take advantage.

Locally I hear thunder, but that is not from Edouard. According to my sister there are lines everywhere now. The expected wait according to her is 30 minutes. The lines are at fast food places and grocery stores. The gas pumps have lines, but it is nothing like the Rita evac. All of this news comes from my sister.

I guess I will be waking up to the storm if their predictions are true. I will take pictures if I remember . . . I always forget to snap shots.